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Blowers transformation—— Meat factory in Indonesia

Due to changes in the company's production process, the previously used roots blowers could no longer meet the pressure and flow required for production, so they want to change a new one. In this transformation, their company chose our  SHANDONG HUADONG BLOWER CO.,LTD because the air suspension blower of our factory has low noise, low energy consumption and simple operation. Our blowers can directly self-check speed, wind pressure, air volume, temperature, through the control system.

  The model used this time is HKB-150, the outlet caliber is 300, the flow rate is 120m3/min, and the pressure is 86kpa. The air suspension blower adopts the speed control system of motor and inverter, and the PLC automatically adjusts the air volume and wind pressure, so that the blower can achieve the best economic operation state within the working range. The control system performs self-inspection on speed, wind pressure, air volume, temperature, with anti-surge and alarm automatic shutdown functions, and the panel control operation is intelligent and simple.

SHANDONG HUADONG BLOWER CO.,LTD provides one-stop service of production and delivery, installation and after-sales. At present, the air suspension blower on the site has been installed and debugged, and the blower continues to run at this stage, and the performance is stable and good. The company's leaders highly affirmed the effectiveness of our  services and products.