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Blowers transformation——Sweage treatment plant in Nigeria

    At present, air blast aeration is used in most sewage treatment processes. Air blast aeration is a diffusion device that sends compressed air through the pipeline into the aeration tank, and dispersing it into the mixed liquid in the form of bubbles, so that the oxygen in the bubbles is rapidly diffused and transferred to the mixed liquid to supply microorganisms in the activated sludge. Compared with traditional Roots blowers and single-stage centrifugal blowers, air suspension centrifugal blowers have more obvious advantages in sewage treatment process and more significant energy saving effect, so they are becoming the preferred choice for sewage treatment plants.

    The diameter of the air suspension blower in this cooperation is 75, the flow rate is 46.2 cubic meters per minute, and the pressure is 70KPA. Air suspension blower adopts integrated compact design. The impeller, high speed motor, frequency converter, air bearing and its control system are integrated with the control panel of CPU microprocessor, which improves the convenience of installation and operation.

    The design provides customers with significant savings in energy and daily maintenance costs, providing a clean working environment. And has advanced technology, reliable performance, simple structure, small size, energy saving, easy maintenance and so on. SHANDONG HUADONG BLOWER CO.,LTD  provides production, delivery, installation, after-sales one-stop service, at present, the site of the air suspension blower has been installed, blower continuous operation, stable performance and good operation, the company's leadership for our service and product effect have given a high affirmation.