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Blowers transformation——Sewage treatment plants in Canada

  The company we have worked with has been using roots blowers for sewage treatment, but because the blowers do not meet production needs and are often overloaded, the company decided to replace the blowers after internal discussions, and after examining a variety of blowers, the company chose to replace the original roots blowers with new magnetic levitation blowers. After having this idea, the company contacted us SHAN DONG HUADONG BLOWER CO.,LTD on the website, and after the explanation of our engineers and their field visit to our factory, the company chose to buy our magnetic levitation blower.

  The customer purchased two maglev blowers of model HMGB150, with an air volume of 107.8m3/min and a pressure of 78.4kpa. The magnetic levitation blowers of SHAN DONG HUADONG BLOWER CO.,LTD adopts advanced magnetic bearing system and integrated sound insulation cover, and the rotating parts have no contact with the mechanical system, no mechanical friction, stable operation, very little vibration, and the noise of the whole machine is less than 85 decibels. The product is quiet, environmentally friendly, flexible and easy to install.

  The customer has not used the magnetic levitation blower, our company sent after-sales installation and commissioning engineers to your company to assist in installation and commissioning, and now it has been put into use normally, the noise decibels have been significantly reduced, and the energy-saving effect is also very obvious. The customers are very satisfied with this cooperation, which lays the foundation for subsequent cooperation.