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Blowers transformation——Vacuum coating processing enterprises in USA

Recently, SHANDONG HUADONG BLOWER CO.,LTD and a company in the United States signed a maglev blower cooperation intention. The company is a vacuum coating processing  enterprise, processing business involves many fields, has a unique and mature process and technology. Because of the noise of the Roots blower used before,  they want to make energy saving transformation. Understanding the needs of customers, our technical staff redesigned the selection, after a series of negotiations and field visits, finally reached a consensus on cooperation.

    The type of maglev blower used after this energy-saving transformation is HMGB75, with air volume of 75m3/min and pressure of 50kpa. Magnetic levitation blower adopts the direct drive structure of high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, and the centrifugal impeller and motor drive are integrated. The built-in displacement sensor detects the vibration and space gap of the rotor shaft in real time, and sends the obtained signal to the controller of the magnetic levitation bearing for conditioning, analysis, calculation, and generation of control current. Then the current is input to the magnetic bearing around the coil to generate the electromagnetic force, so as to realize the suspension of the rotor shaft.

    Maglev levitation blower is a non-contact, frictionless, can realize intelligent control of efficient energy saving and environmental protection products, mainly used in municipal and industrial sewage treatment, cement, food, medicine, electronics, chemical, printing and dyeing industries.

    Since the customer used the maglev blower for the first time, our company assigned the after-sales installation and commissioning engineer to their company to assist. Now it has been put into use normally, with its noise decibel significantly reduced and energy saving effect relatively obvious. The customer was very satisfied with this cooperation, which laid a solid foundation for the subsequent cooperation.