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What type of Roots blower is used for 5 acres of fish pond

According to previous industry experience, generally 15-20 acres of shrimp ponds can be configured with a 2.2kw Roots blower, and 50-60 acres of fish ponds can choose 3kw Roots blower.

Because the situation of each pond is not the same, it also needs to further verify the model, the fish pond selection Roots blower can be estimated according to our farming area and water depth, but the different pond farming density is different, the aquaculture is different, it is best to be verified by calculation.

1. About equipment installation:

When the Roots blower is installed, it is installed on the edge of the pond, it is best to configure the machine room, which can prevent wind and sun, if there are no conditions, you can make a simple awning.

2. Composition of aeration system:

Fish pond aeration aeration system is composed of motor + blower body + gas transmission pipe + aeration pipe. During installation, the bronchus of the aeration pipe can be strip shaped or disk shaped. The production of disk type can make a steel wire skeleton by itself, and then bind the aeration pipe to it.

3. Advantages of aeration system:

The aeration system equipped with Roots blower can effectively increase the oxygen increase of the pond bottom water. The use of conventional surface aeration often causes oxygen deficiency in the middle and lower part of the pool, and the Roots microporous aeration system can supplement the oxygen content of the overall water body to prevent hypoxia or sub-hypoxia in the water body.

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