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Notes for the use of oxygenated Roots blowers in aquaculture industry

In the aquaculture industry, the use rate of Roots blower is getting higher and higher, we receive customers have fish farming, shrimp farming, crab farming and other individual farmers, there are also relatively large farming bases. About the use of Roots blowers in aquaculture, procurement issues, selection issues, today briefly comb for you.

1. Ordinary fish pond can use Roots blower?

Among the customers we contact, some customers' fish ponds are earth ponds, and some customers are specialized industrial aquaculture, and they use cement ponds. No matter what kind of fish pond can use the Roots blower for oxygenation, the reason is that the Roots blower equipment is installed on the side of the pond, can be connected to the pipeline, connected to the explosion disk at the bottom of the pond for oxygenation, the explosion is relatively mild and the oxygenation area is large.

2. Is the oxygen increase effect of Roots blower good?

This is also some of the questions that many friends have consulted us. One of our customers is from Thailand, who used the soil pond before. After the introduction of microporous aeration aeration technology, the breeding density and species were increased, and the benefits were doubled compared with previous years. In addition, the pond area used by the customer, only part of the water body is used for centralized breeding, which not only saves labor, but also is very convenient when cleaning the pond.

3. The choice of Roots blower manufacturer

There are a lot of Roots blower manufacturers in the world, different manufacturers produce Roots blower products of different quality, for individual farming we recommend manufacturers with higher product quality, we do not blindly chase low prices when purchasing, if there are problems in the later use, it will cause greater trouble for our farming.

If we are an industrialized production and breeding base, it is recommended that you go to the factory for a field visit, we also welcome you to visit our factory, the product quality of different manufacturers can be intuitively felt.

4. About blower selection and quotation

The basic parameters of Roots blower selection are the air volume and pressure difference. If you do not have these two parameters, you can provide your breeding area and water depth, and send these parameters to our online customer service. Our professional sales staff will be at your service.