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Improvement of technology: Plastic spraying system for roots blower

  In the face of the ever-changing scientific and technological progress, product innovation has become an important way for our SHAN DONG HUADONG BLOWER CO.,LTD to maintain vitality and remain invincible in the cruel market. To improve roots blower’s quality and the apperance, we introduced a plastic spraying system to instead traditional manual painting. In this way, the roots blower’s outlook would be much more beautiful than before.

  Bellowing pictures are the common basement of roots blower, finished welding. They haven’t pass the rust removal treatment yet. The surface is a little rough.

After the rust removal treatment, the surface of basement is much more exquisite and beautiful.

Bellowing pictures show the basement after spraying plastic treatment.

The exterior looks better than before and the rust protection is doubled

  We SHANDONG HUADONG BLOWER CO.,LTD will continue to strive to innovate better products. Having been in the market for such a long time makes everyone in our company always remember one principle: meeting our customer's needs are the foundation of our survival. It will be our honor to get your trust and cooperation in the near future.