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HDLH Series Roots Blower For Shrimp Farm Aeration

HDLH Series Roots Blower For Shrimp Farming Aeration

HDLH series root blower serves in a high density shrimp farm for aeration application.

This series roots blower could reach 1000 to 8000mmAq pressure rise, fitting for 1m to 8m depth water ponds. It could realize one set roots blower for one pond, or one set roots blower for several ponds, saving a lot of energy and cost. 

We could provide different size root blowers according to your needs, if there's any needs for root blower, welcome to contact us. Shandong Huadong Blower Co., Ltd is professional in root blower designing, producing and after-sale service, with 30 years' rich experience. Roots blowers produced in Huadong Blower has CE and ISO9001 certifications, having been exported to many countries all over the world, for example, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Austrilia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Russia, Belarus, UAE, etc. 

Besides being used in aquaculture aeration, HDLH series root air blower is also accepted by other industries, such as sewage treatment, pneumatic conveying system, chemical, food, paper, medicine, and so on. 

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