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Diesel Engine Driving Roots Blower For Aquaculture Farm Aeration

diesel engine driving roots blower for aquaculture farm aeration

The roots blower in the picture is HDLH series 3 lobe root blower with diesel engine driving. It is widely used in high density fish farm and shrimp farms for oxygen increasing. 

Diesel engine driving type roots blower fits for aquaculture farms which are unconviniently for using electricity power. It is also easily for operation and maintenance, very good choice for aerator of farm ponds. 

HDLH series shrimp and fish farm aerators could reach 8000 mmAq, it could aeration for different size water ponds. 

We could provide whole set roots blower, or bare shaft blower if you need. We arrange more than 500 sets this series roots blower per month. If you have interest, welcome to contact us for quotation. 

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