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Roots Vacuum Blower Pump For Paper Industrial Folding Machine in Paper Factory

Vacuum Blower Pump For Paper Folding Machine

Vacuum blower pump for paper folding machine

In paper production factory, paper folding machine is an important equipment. Roots vacuum blower pump is a neccessory machinery for the paper folding system. It could provide a vacuum pressure for the whole system. 

As a 30 years' roots vacuum blower pump manufacturer, we could provide different size roots vacuum blower pump according to your needs. Bellowings are three types of roots vacuum pumps produced in Shandong Huadong Blower Co., Ltd: 

1. HDSR-V series roots vacuum pump. 

Its vacuum pressure could reach -78KPa, much higher than common roots type vacuum pump. What's more, it doesn't need water cooling even reach up to higher vacuum pressure. 

2. HDLH-V series roots vacuum pump. 

Its lower noise level fitting for using inside workshop. 

3. HG-V series roots vacuum pump. 

It is similiar with some blower types produced in other countries, compact structure, and higher rotary speed. 

There're several size roots vacuum pumps in our company, welcome to contact us for quotation and order!

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