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HMGB 132 Size Magnetic Levitation Turbo Blower For Cement Plant

HMGB132 Magnetic Levitation Turbo Blower In Cement Plant

In cement plant, air blower is an important and necessory equipment. Nowadays, with the growth of environment protection trend, more and more cement plant need to do something to avoid environment pollution and energy saving. Turbo blower is a better choice and a great production for such kind of condition. 

HMGB series magnetic levitation turbo blower is designed and produced by our engineering team at the basic of magnetic levitation floating idea. We produce mag-lev floating bearing and motor by ourselves, in this way, we can control the key technology in our own team and control the cost in another way. 

This series turbo blower has been widely used and tested by hundreds of users in China and some other countries up to now. Highly appreciation from different industries shows our trustable ability. It has been used in wastewater treatment, cement, electric power, paper, and some other industrial projects. 

Now we are looking for cooperation oppotunities all over the world about magnetic levitation turbo blower, if you have interest, welcome to contact us. 

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