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Roots Blowers In Titanium Chloride Slag Factory

roots blowers in Titanium Chloride Slag factory

In Titanium Chloride Slag factory, roots blowers are also widely used in different producing process. 

Our HDSR series three lobes roots blowers are warmly welcomed by Titanium Chloride Slag factories, these roots blowers could be used for boosting oxygen, gas transportation and some other applications. We can provide different size roots blowers according to different producing process's needs. 

For example, if the roots blowes are used for boosting gas, we would provide piston ring sealing roots blower. Piston ring sealing roots blower could avoid gas leakage from blower body inside. If it is necessory, we also would provide ATEX motor for roots blower, too. 

If there's any needs in roots blower, welcome to contact us!

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