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Root Blower Pump For WWTP Aeration Application

In WWTP system, root blower pump is a necessory equipment for aeration, backwashing, or bio gas boosting. We have several choice for aeration in wwtp blowers. 

1.  HDSR series 3 lobe root blower. 

This series root blower is one of the hot sale blowers in our company. It is widely used in many industrial projects besides wwtp, such as chemical, electric power, fertilizer, paper, and so on. It can reach a wide range of pressure and flow rate, from 0.1 to 1 bar. 

2. HG series higher rotary speed root blower. 

This series root blower could reach a 4000 to 5000rpm rotary speed, with a much higher efficiency than common root blower, similiar with root blowers produced in Europe. 

3. HKB series airfoil turbo blower. 

This series airfoil turbo blower is a new product in the market, it has many advantages than root blowers, for example, energy saving, lower noise level, and so on. It you have interest in airfoil turbo blower for wwtp, welcome to contact us. 

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