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How should Roots blower be maintained when it rains?

As we all know, as long as it is mechanical equipment, exposed to water, it will be affected to a certain extent, so when it rains how to maintain Roots blower? Today, SHANDONG HUADONG BLOWER CO.,LTD will give you a detailed introduction:

1.When Roots blower is exposed to the outside, the bolts of the blower are easy to rust. Therefore, after the rain, the bolts need to be wiped or coated with butter to isolate the contact between the bolts and the outside air.

2. When the paint is washed by the rain and then exposed to the sun, it will fall off. The paint that falls off will be cleaned by the rain and rust will appear. When the paint falls off, the paint should be repaired in time to avoid the increase of the paint falling off.

3. Opening Roots blower in rainy days also has a certain impact on the muffler, there may be rain into the muffler, for Roots blower muffler in rainy days to block.

4. Rain also has an impact on the electric circuit of the fan. Exposure and rain will produce weathering on the electric circuit, and there may be leakage and power failure.

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